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Ruth Ann Reese

Title: RVer Extroadinaire

Years RVing: Started with Mom & Dad when I was a baby, and I still love every day spent on the road nearly 60 years later!

On The Road Activities: Family, Friendships, Exploring, Boating, Hiking, Fishing, Events

Favorite RV Recipe: Breakfast for a Crowd

When I think about many of my happiest, sweetest, funniest, and love filled memories... a lot of them involve a road trip. From Car Camping to fully self contained RV's; the journey is always a fun, adventurous time. My parents started me out with Car Camping; I slept in the back seat of a very old Jeep while they made their beds in a small tent pitched right next to the car. Then when I was a toddler they bought a used pickup and camper and we spent many years traveling the Western U.S. with my nieces & nephews & friends along for the ride.

Professionally, I am co-founder of Business Infusion where I use my seasoned, multi-dimensional C Level executive talents, coupled with a breadth of experience spanning a wide array of industries, to help our clients grow prosperous companies. My passion for leadership of a company’s most valuable asset, its people, has resulted in superior organizational achievements throughout my career. My successes are a culmination of my creativity, innovation, operational excellence and collaborative management techniques.

I've always had a work hard, work smart attitude, combined with a have fun doing it approach to business which is apparent as you talk with those I have worked with throughout my career. “I believe quality teamwork is the fuel that allows common people to attain uncommon results.”

My partner Heather and I joined forces from our common desire to provide small business with high quality reasonably priced products and services.

My greatest joy in life has come from my two daughters, so when I am not at work & geeking-out with my business partner, look for me traveling and playing on or near the closest body of water, enjoying my two daughters, on a camping or months long RV trip exploring the USA, cooking up a great meal to entertain family and friends, or digging in the dirt in a garden.

Heather Maree Huddleston

Title: Let's Go

Years RVing: Hmmm how old am I anyway?

On The Road Activities: Hiking, Hiking, Hiking

Favorite RV Recipe: Lime & Tequila Grilled Chicken Breasts

Heather Huddleston is co-founder of Business Infusion, Inc. and she loves to learn and support others.

After obtaining her BS Degree in Resort and Lodging Management and Tourism from CSU Chico she moved from Lake Tahoe to sunny San Diego.  Over the next 20 years she worked as an Regional Sales Manager, Executive Sales Manager, Assistant Director of Sales and Marketing, and Director of Marketing within the hospitality and tourism and education and coaching arenas. She decided to embrace the technologically changing environments around her and obtain a secondary degree in Media Arts with an emphasis on web and graphic design. 

Heather has been able to help individual businesses understand the profit potential of their business through the use of an enhanced web presence, proper lead capture systems and CRM implementation. Collaboration with her business partner Ruth Ann has cultivated in some amazing projects and ideas.

On a personal note, Heather’s zany sense of humor keeps things “real” and down to earth in her world. She enjoys spending time with her husband, gardening, hiking and exploring, camping, swimming, trying out new recipes (or devising one of her own), taking yoga classes, researching a new place to travel and explore, fixing things (aka "Handy Heather" around the house and neighborhood) and reading.

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