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I'm Ruth Ann and it's nice to meet you! 


After spending a few years traveling 3-4 months at a time in my RV, I decided it was the life for me so I ventured out into the full-time lifestyle in January 2016! Yes the full-time life is fun but it also has it's challenges, and I hope the travel ideas and how-to tips I am sharing here will help you, and encourage you to travel more!

TITLE: RVer Extroadinaire

YEARS RVing: Started with Mom & Dad when I was a baby, and I still love every day spent on the road nearly 60 years later!

FAVE ON THE ROAD ACTIVITIES: Visitng Family & Friends, Making new Friends, Exploring, Boating, Hiking, Fishing, Events

FAVORITE RV RECIPE: Breakfast for a Crowd 

When I think about many of my happiest, sweetest, funniest, and love filled memories... a lot of them involve a road trip. From Car Camping to fully self contained RV's; the journey is always a fun, adventurous time. My parents started me out with Car Camping; I slept in the back seat of a very old Jeep while they made their beds in a small tent pitched right next to the car. Then when I was a toddler they bought a used pickup and camper and we spent many years traveling the Western U.S. with my nieces & nephews & friends along for the ride.


My greatest joy in life has come from my two daughters, so when I am not at work geeking-out with my business partner, look for me traveling and playing on or near the closest body of water, enjoying my two daughters, on a camping outing or months long RV trip exploring the USA, cooking up a great meal to entertain family and friends, or digging in the dirt in a garden.

Looking forward to our paths meeting up on the Journey.


Nice To Meet You!
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