Bodega Bay | Bodega Bay, CA

The natural beauty of Bodega Bay and the Pacific Coast.

Ocean breeze, the crashing of waves, stunning sunsets, great seafood, romantic accommodations, adventure, and relaxation. Hard to imagine finding all of this in one place, and the Bodega Bay State Campground is a great place to stay while enjoying all the Bodega Bay area has to offer. It is known as a beautiful stretch of coastline but what was a surprise to me is how many surfers, wind surfers, stand up paddleboarders and others were on the water every day. I was able to watch some in the harbor and some in the bay, all during my morning walks while staying at the Bodega Bay State Campground.

A fun piece of Hollywood history is that Alfred Hitchcock's "The Birds" was filmed here in 1963.

Whether you want to play in the water, hike, play golf, eat delicious fresh seafood, or just relax, you will find what you want at Bodega Bay!

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