Great Uses for Small Spaces

Great Uses for Small Spaces

Here are some of our favorite small space suggestions, but don't stop here! Ther are 100's more out there online. And share some of your ingenious ideas too!

  • Velcro is your friend and can be used to hold remotes to flat surfaces and spices in the cupboards.

  • Over the door small wastebasket for the bathroom

  • Find fold up and pop up gear from tea kettles to storage bins, when not in use they can be stored flat

  • Store plates vertically to save space, durable plastic dish cradles are available for this purpose

  • Utilizing the inside of doors with hooks, boards and other utility "holsters" so save shelf space

  • Install small hooks on the sides of shelving to use as a coat, umbrella etc. rack

  • Use a back of seat organizer for extra storage

  • Attach a bedside vertical organizer to your mattress for books, phones, flashlights

  • Use nylon Velcro straps to coil and hang hoses

  • Suction cups with hooks make great use of space on windows for handing items such as kitchen utensils.

  • Install pegboard on a wall of the kitchen with hooks to hand pots, pans and utensils

  • Use nesting bowls, measuring cups and measuring spoons

  • Utilize ceiling space with brackets for brooms or use suspension racking systems for storage

  • Install slide out drawers under tables

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