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Travel Solo ~ Travel Safe

Traveling Solo requires extra attention to Traveling Safe

When I decided to begin my full-time journey traveling in my RV, well let's just say my family & friends were... concerned. OK... some of them were panicked.

I had been traveling a couple months each Fall but mostly to visit family & friends, so my adventure into full-timing and spending a lot of time exploring unknown territory was alot different, and it even caused me some concerns about my personal safety.

There were some who strongly advised I get a license to carry a firearm. For me this was not a consideration, so I needed to seek other ways to Travel Safe while Traveling Solo. Here is what I have chosen:

Location! The first and most obvious safety rule is to choose your locations wisely. I stay in a variety of settings: On property of family & friends; County, State, & Federal campgrounds; Occassionally at full service RV Campgrounds; Walmart parking lots; and Dry Camping off the beaten path.

Instinct! When I pull into a location with the thought of staying I take a few relaxing breaths to open up my awareness. If any part of the location causes my instinct to think... Maybe Not... I move on. In traveling almost 30,000 miles over the past 3 years I can say I have only felt compelled to leave an area 5 times. For all the miles and spots I have stayed that is a really low number.

Caution! Statistically most RV break-ins, as is true with car break-ins, happen through easy opportunity. No matter how comfortable and secure the location is I still lock my doors and secure all window entries. I am a fan of fresh air so if I leave a window barely open I have it braced so it would not easily be opened wide enough for entry.

Noise! A great deterent to a possible crime is Noise, which is why many people carry emergency personal alarms with them, which are proven deterents to personal attacks. I keep multiple personal security alarms in my RV, one by the bed, one by the front door, and one in the front cab area. I also have a bull horn. Yep a Bull Horn/Megaphone used by military and boaters to signal distress and communicate over 100's of yards. Mine also has a siren. It was less than $15 and is battery operated.

Sprays! An alternative to mace is Hornet spray. It shoots farther than Mace, and it causes great problems with vision and breathing when sprayed into someones face. I keep one by the doors. I've also heard you can use your fire extinguisher.

I absolutely love full-time RVing as a lifestyle, and now that I have my first year behind me, my family & friends have come to embrace my choice as a great fit for me. If I can do it, so can you. Don't let being Solo stop you from pursuing this journey. I have seen beautiful places, met incredibly wonderful people, and had a fantastic time! Please... Travel Safe when you Travel Solo!

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