A Weekend A Month Or Full Time

There is an RV Lifestyle for Every One: A Weekend A Month Or Full Time.

If you've ever gotten in your car and headed out for a road trip and realized you were feeling a rush of adrenaline and very excited for the adventure to begin; you just might have the kind of spirit that is suited for the RV Lifestyle!

The wonderful thing about living an RV lifestyle is it has so many different variations from what type of accommodations you choose to how much time you spend. From tents to forty foot luxury motorhomes, there is certain to be a version that works best for you. You can choose to head out for a weekend or a month to selling your home and living the full-timers RV life.

For me it started as a toddler sleeping in the back seat of my parents old Jeep while they tent camped by the door and expanded when I was a teenager to mom and dad purchasing a truck and camper and taking me and my friends and nieces and nephews on many camping adventures where mom and dad enjoyed the comforts of the camper bed and us teenagers were tent camping just outside the door.

These childhood memories resulted in me choosing to tent camp for many years and taking my daughters and their friends and relatives along. Once the girls were out of the house and living their own lives I purchased my first small RV to give longer trips a try. It was a 19 foot camper van with a bed, stove, refrigerator, bathroom including shower, and a small generator. My first trip was 9 weeks long, and I was hooked!

I still work full time providing business support services including website development, marketing, and operations organization so it was just a little too tight in the camper van for comfortable long work days, especially with the hopes of spending more time on the road. I loved the convenience of the camper van over the six months I owned it, but decided it was important to have enough space to create a more functional work environment. My next upgrade was into a 26 foot Class C, and it fits me like a glove. Still small enough to be very easy to drive and maintain but large enough to support my full time work days comfortably and to give me a feeling that I am truly in a rolling home!

My trips have extended to three months on the road then back home for a couple months, and I'm beginning to ponder the concept of a full-timers life on the road, storing those things that are heirloom and keepsakes and treasures and heading out to venture around America all day every day!

So for some of us it starts as a weekend, becomes a month, and ultimately becomes a Full Time RV Life Is A Trip adventure!

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