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Vertical pocket and hanging gardens For RVs

Pocket / Hanging Gardens are available in a variety of configurations along with numerous DIY options out there, We can't think of a single excuse to not have fresh herbs with you on your adventures. It is time to start gardening on the go. Pocket / Hanging Gardening has really taken off in the past few years - it limits pests and weeds, allows you to get a lot out of a little space, and gives you the flexibility to move plants to preferred lighting.

Where are some options for the containers? Well, consider hanging a small herb garden over the sink. Herbs are lightweight, it keeps your counter space free, and when you water them, excess water runs right into the sink. You can grow small plants in over-the-door pocket planters. Vertical space on an RV door keeps them out of the walkway or off counters, and you can hang it outside from rings on your awning to get more sun when you’re in the campground. You can also find window boxes made for RV-sized windows, or portable planter boxes that fit on your RV’s bumper.

Easy to grown herbs: Rosemary, basil, oregano and mint.

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