Go Green On The Road

RVers have a love of the outdoors. Almost 20% of RVers use solar panels to power some of their on-board systems. Help preserve the great outdoors for future generations by following these conservation tips:

  • Keep RV and tow vehicle engines well-tuned to conserve energy and reduce emissions.

  • Always use marked RV campsites so as not to damage natural habitats.

  • Recycle as you travel at the campgrounds or through community programs.Take note of local recycling categories; they may be different from those followed at home.

  • Minimize the use of disposable dishes, cups and utensils. As convenient as they seem, they create an abundance of trash.

  • Keep campfires small to minimize the amount of ash and pollution.

  • Don’t put anything into the fire pit that will not burn. Observe fire rules, which may change daily with weather conditions.

  • Use nontoxic cleaning supplies and tank additives.

  • Where pets are permitted, keep them indoors or use a screw-in stake. Tying them to trees can damage fragile bark.

  • Work with nature. In hot weather, use natural shade, awnings and canvas covers instead of the AC. In cold weather, park where the RV will be protected from north and west winds and warmed by sun exposure.

A recent survey showed that more than two-thirds of RVers minimize water use on trips, almost half recycle more on RV vacations than on other types and nearly half turn off home utilities before they hit the road. In addition, 94% of all RVers travel with 2-7 people, meaning the vehicles get more people miles per gallon.</p>

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