Gourmet On The Go

I Enjoy Cooking Gourmet On The Go

I love to travel and I love gourmet food, and now I get to enjoy both! Yes you need to pack a few extra cooking supplies, seasonings, and maybe event a little more food, but the results are worth it!

A favorite way that I travel with my friends is to take turns treating each other to a wonderful dinner. So one night you do the cooking, serving, and cleanup while your guests get to relax and enjoy the 5 star treatment. And the next night it is your turn. This is not your typical meal, this is Gourmet On The Go! Some favorites are Ciopino ~ Homemade Pesto on grilled chicken breasts served over pesto based pasta ~ and Ahi Poke stacks.

Take your faves on the road with you. It is so worth it!

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