Leveling is worth the Time

Leveling your RV will extend the life of your RV refrigerator

When I bought my 2nd RV, 20 year old 26 foot class C, the prior owner told me the refrigerator would probably need to be replaced and gave me a good discount on the RV to account for that.

As I researched and tried different possible solutions to try and get the refrigerator to perform better I learned a lot about the importance of taking the time to Level your RV. Operating your RV refrigerator when you are parked off level is the quickest way to damage the frig.

I did decide to invest in a new frig. If you haven't shopped for one you will be pretty surprised by the cost. Leveling my class C using leveling blocks takes me 15 extra minutes at the most, and it is not difficult. I started in a parking lot and used a small bar level on the bottom of my freezer compartment to establish I was fully level front to back and side to side. Then I placed two arched levels in the cab of my Class C so that I can see my position without getting out of the drivers seat. After a few camping trips I had learned about how many blocks I needed to raise one side to become level.

Leveling is worth the Time!

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