Prepare For First Summer Trip

Summertime! Heading out for an RV road trip this Summer?

Summertime! Heading out for that first RV road trip of the Summer? Time spent inspecting and preparing ahead will very likely prevent a very sad interruption in your trip! We are presuming you did a thorough job of winterizing your RV after your last trip and now you are getting it uncovered and ready for it’s first Summer outing.

This article provides a good checkup plan before you hit the road, and we have listed it in the order we usually follow, but you may prefer a different priority of these checkup items:

  • Uncover your RV. Whether you use a blue tarp or have an RV cover, we hope you do provide some coverage during the storage season. If you live in extreme hot or cold climate proper coverage can add years to the usable life of your RV.

  • Complete a thorough visual inspection of the outside and the inside of the RV including the chassis if it is a motorhome. Take a clipboard along so you can make notes. I used to think I would remember everything I noticed during the process but that is just not the case, so now I write it down and I add a note if it needs to be done before leaving or if it can be done at a later time. Pay close attention to all doors, windows, seams, and roof areas that might reveal evidence of leaks. Be sure your inspection includes the roof.

  • Check your battery monitor to see if you have full coach batteries. If not either plug into electric or run your generator to charge up your coach batteries for further preparations.

  • If you use antifreeze in your water systems for winterizing, then you need to complete your flush process. For details on how to winterize with antifreeze and flush the system when taking it out of storage ready your manual or research this topic on line and create a plan that is specific for your temperatures and your RV.

  • Sanitize your fresh water system. There are different approaches used for this process so do your research and try a few different ones and you will find the one that works best for you. After sanitizing fill your fresh water tank.

  • Turn on your propane gas valves and light your stove. Let it burn for a few minutes. This helps to start the gas moving through the lines to the other propane items such as your refrigerator and hot water heater.

  • Plug into electrical and test your air conditioner, microwave, and other electrical items.

  • Turn on your water pump and run your faucets including the hot water faucet and run for a couple minutes. Now that you know the hot water heater is filled with water turn on your hot water heater and leave it on for at least 15 minutes and then test your hot water faucet to be sure the water temp has gone up. Then turn off your hot water heater.

  • Turn your refrigerator on either gas or electric, whichever you prefer, and leave it on for as many hours as it normally takes for you to see it is cooling. I like to be sure on this one, so I leave mine on for about 8 hours as a test to make sure it is in working order.

  • If you have a motorhome then inspect the chassis, tires, brakes, mechanical elements just like you would any vehicle that had been sitting for months.

OK enough working on it… you have the RV for the fun… so load it up and hit the road and have an incredible trip!

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