RV Refrigerator Basics

RV Refrigerators: The best and worst of times!

Once you've spent some time traveling in an RV, you will probably encounter some type of a challenge with an RV refrigerator malfunction, which usually has a pretty big impact on the enjoyment of the tirp... like not having ice cubes for Happy Hour!

The basic care of RV refrigerators, when followed, can provide many years of trouble free use. The FMCA (Family Motor Coach Association) has a great article on this topic: FMCA Refrigerator Care Tips

OK great, now that you know how to take care of your RV Frig while it is operational... the next question you need to answer is do you repair or replace a problematic RV Refrigerator. This topic is one I can speak about from personal experience. The key elements to consider in your decision to repair or replace are: Age; Lack of Use; Using when Out of Level.

I purchased a used RV but had good information about it's history. So my RV Frig problems were from Age & Lack of Use & possibly Out of Level operation, but with one prior owner who took great care of it, probably not. The prior owner told me they had Frig problems on their last couple trips so I knew what I was buying. After 6 months of fussing with Professional inspections; replacing various parts; and lots of testing; the result was I still had an RV Frig that worked... sometimes.

If you decide to repair your RV Frig yourself, I have heard this manual is very useful: RV Refrigerator Repair Manual

If you are having challenges with the operation of your RV Frig, there are a lot of valuable videos on YouTube, as well as plenty of information on the web on how to improve performance, identify issues, and how to test on electric vs propane.

After I tried a few of the typical fixes for my frig, it still works sometimes and sometimes... not. Because I travel for months at a time and I love the overall condition and floor plan of the RV, it is a great fit for my use, and I plan on using the RV for many years, I decided to buy a new Frig.

But if you end up where I ended up, spend a lot of money on a cooling unit replacement or buy new... as it was for me it will be for you... a decision you will probably ponder for a while.

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