RV's come in all shapes and sizes

There is an RV that is the right fit for you

I tent camped all of my life and in my late 50's decided to buy my first RV. After a lot of research and looking, I choose a 19 foot RoadTrek which I call a camper van. It was about 15 years old with 80,000 miles on it, but very well maintained and in good shape. I was so excited to have this little rolling home and couldn't wait to get on the road and go!

Within six months, I traveled 2 full months and several long weekends and I put about 6,000 miles on it traveling in Arizona, California, Nevada, and Oregon. Super easy to drive, park it anywhere, and averaged about 18 mpg overall.

The only challenge I faced was while still working full time from my computer and having back and neck pain from prior injuries, it was challenging to figure out a comfortable workstation. But none the less I was completely hooked on RV Travel.

Whatever your travel plans are, there is an RV that is a good fit for you. Do your research and go look at them, sit in them, test drive them. Before long you will begin to get clear about the ones that work best for you! I sold the RoadTrek and moved up to the Class C as I prepared to expand my travel to full-time. What RV has your attention? A Motorhome, A Trailer, A Fifth Wheel... These days you are really only limited by your budget, from used small trailers to Mansions on Wheels, find your favorite and start RVing!

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