Things To Consider Before You Buy an RV

Your First or Your Next; Things To Consider When Buying

Whether it's your first RV or your next RV; here are a few of the key elements you will want to consider as you prepare to make an investment in an RV purchase:


  • Your Travel Plans How do you plan to use the RV?

  • How often will you use the RV?

  • What will be the typical time you will travel for each trip?

  • How many miles will you travel for each trip? Local or Long Distance?

2 TYPES OF RV'S TO CONSIDER Motorized RVs: have the driving compartment as part of the vehicle Towable RVs: have separate vehicle like a truck or SUV to tow the RV MOTORIZED RVS also known as MOTORHOMES

  • Class A

  • Class B

  • Class C


  • Travel Trailer

  • Fifth Wheel

  • Pop-Up Trailer

  • Camper

SLIDE-OUTS: Pros & Cons LENGTH SELF CONTAINED AND OF COURSE... BUDGET Once you have decided on the main elements of your RV purchase from the items above, the other two factors that have the biggest impact on the purchase price are the age/condition of the vehicle and the miles.

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