Traveling with a Full Fresh Water Tank

Do you travel with your Fresh Water Tank Full, Half Full, or Empty?

There is always a lot of interesting conversations around the campfire. And it seems that the topic of saving money on gas comes up more often than ever before. One familiar question is, to save money on gas do you travel with your Fresh Water Tank full, half full, or empty?

My answer is... all of the above. It really depends on my travel path. It is my goal to save money whenever possible so if I am certain my destination has potable water available for my use I travel with an empty fresh water tank. If I am heading to a Boondocking destination that does not have water than I travel with a full fresh water tank. Now you might be wondering when do I travel with a half full water tank? When I am using my RV for a day trip to a spot that does not have water available.

What's your answer? Seems everybody has a different take on this topic. I meet some travelers who always fill their fresh water tanks so they are prepared with plenty of water in case something prevents them from making it to their planned destination. I imagine that I might change to this philosophy right after I have that first experience where I am stuck and have no water!

And by the way... I always carry a couple gallons of drinking water in all of my vehicles including my RV!

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