USFS $80 Lifetime Senior Pass

An Incredible Value

Two days after I turned 62 I headed out for a two mile walk (each way, so I guess it was a four mile walk) to the USFS office in South Lake Tahoe California where I was currently camping. It was a gorgeous June day and I was excited to go get my favorite birthday present! The USFS Lifetime Senior Pass! $80 - Ok maybe some would say I should not have been so excited to become another year older, but as a life long camping traveler it was a day I looked forward to for years. It was a right of passage that felt like a huge honor. Our nation is incredibly beautiful and diverse and I intend to get many years of discounts during wonderful traveling adventures, for... Eighty Bucks! Best deal ever! If you don't have yours yet, and you are over 62, go get one! What ya waitin for?

Learn more about USFS Senior Pass $80 Lifetime: Click Here

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