Yes You Can Drive An RV

If I can Drive an RV... You Can Drive An RV!

My first RV was a RoadTrek 19 foot Camper Van. It has everything a full size RV would have so it was a great place for me to learn about generators, propane appliances, electrical systems, and yep - holding tanks & dump stations.

I have driven a Toyota Sequoia pulling a 22 foot boat before, so driving the Roadtrek felt about the same as the Sequoia only longer. And it really just feels like driving a Van. Then I upsized to a 26 foot Born Free Class C. Now this was a learning curve for me!

I was sure I was going to hit something and damage the Born Free or worse yet someone elses car or RV or, well hit something! In a Class C the Cab area is just like a truck. So that part felt familiar and easy. But it felt like it was a lot wider than the Van because the coach body goes out wider than the cab. And it definitely felt alot taller and longer than the Roadtrek!

My first trip was with a camping group to a local Southern California campground. The good thing about that is it was about 1 1/2 hours of driving along a variety of road types and I was familiar with the campground. My fear was this campground requires you to back in and I was pretty nervous about that part. Drive went easy and the backing in took me a couple tries but I got it done and didn't even hit anything.

Over the next few trips of freeway driving with the Born Free I became more comfortable and was no longer panicked when a big rig went flying past me, which does cause some turbulence! It seemed to me at that time that they were only a little taller than me, of course they have multiple trailers attached so they are longer, but when they were driving next to me it really felt like they were only a little taller than me.

The first Rest Area stop I made was quite an eye opener for me. I pulled into the Truck & RV parking area, got out and stretched, used the facilites, and headed to the vending machines to buy a Soda. I was shocked when I saw my Little RV parked between the Big Trucks!

It actually gave me a confidendence boost. It made me view my RV as a small and easy vehicle to drive when I had the visual comparison of it sitting amongst Big Rigs.

Since then I have driven the Born Free for nearly three years, approx. 25,000 miles, on all types of roads, and parked it in about every kind of situation you encounter when RVing.

Don't let the anxiety and fear of driving and handling and backing up and all of the other aspects of RVing prevent you from Going! It is just a learning curve and it becomes familiar pretty quickly! If I can Drive an RV... You Can Drive An RV!

Take a look at my RV history pictures below - started out with a 19 foot Class B Roadtrek... now I drive a 33 foot Class A with 2 slides and a toad! You can Do This!

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